My Videos and Presentations Reply

I’ve gotten a kick out of making videos, usually on a shoestring budget (and a frayed and worn shoestring, at that!). Here’s one of them, plus some presentations I have made on industry conditions and issues.

“Chicken Farms: The Real Story”

When the documentary “Food, Inc.,” came out, it showed a chicken farm that was not typical of the industry. I went over to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to shoot some video showing modern, well-run chicken farms.

Issues and Challenges in Broiler Production

The broiler chicken industry faced many issues and challenges, and I discuss some of them in this presentation:
Issues and Challenges in Broiler Production by Richard Lobb

Animal Welfare

One of the ongoing challenges for the broiler industry has been animal welfare. In this presentation, I outline the industry’s program, which I helped develop while serving at the National Chicken Council.
NCC Animal Welfare 2010

Agricultural Biotechnology

Biotechnology is an important force in production agriculture today. In this presentation, I discussed some of the issues facing the industry.
Ag Biotech Labeling and Other Issues of Consumer Acceptance R Lobb 18 July 2012

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