In the Media, Myself Reply

Stephen and Me

I’m amazed by the number of people who remember my appearance on “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central, talking about chicken wings.  It was three years ago (January 2009) and people still mention it to me.

My three and a half minutes of fame was edited down from about thirty minutes on camera.  I was in Atlanta and did not have a monitor, so I could not see Stephen Colbert.  I didn’t get the visual cues from his on-camera mugging and looks of surprise. I  had no idea how I was doing. Fortunately it turned out well.

A link to the clip is shown below.  I come on about halfway through the segment.

You know, my entire adult life has been spent dealing with the media. I have always taken the media very seriously.  But the biggest impact I have made has been on a show that is actually a satire of a news program.  Go figure.

Richard Lobb on Colbert report

“Lights, camera — controversy”

In 2009, journalist Steve Bjerklie wrote a column about my appearance in the movie “Food, Inc.:”

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