My Busy Month in Magazines Reply

Cover of January 2012 issue WATT PoultryUSA

I wrote the cover story in the January issue of WATT PoultryUSA

January is a busy month for me in trade magazines.  First out of the box was WATT PoultryUSA with my report on the Chicken Marketing Seminar in California.  I attended that event as an NCC staff person and of course had no inkling that I would be called upon to write a story about it.  It focuses on the growing role of social media in chicken marketing. You can see it at the WATT PoultryUSA web site: “Chicken suppliers and sellers confront new technology, social issues.”

Poultry outlook 2012 outlook in Meat & Poultry Magazine

I wrote an industry outlook in Meat & Poultry

After a very tough year in 2011, chicken companies are looking forward to sustained profit in 2012.  The turkey industry did pretty well in 2011 and is hoping to stay on an even keel.  I wrote this piece for Meat & Poultry, a Sosland publication, which makes a digital version available at: “Pecking Orders: The US poultry industry is looking for profit in 2012.”

“Cold Slap” is my review of the Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) controversy in Meatingplace in Print. You can see it online at the Meatingplace website. A subscription is required, but it’s free!

These titles are all published by different companies.  Good to see that some still believe in old-fashioned ink on paper.

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