The conversation on Arlington Boulevard Reply

odometer 99000No, officer, of course I wasn’t texting.  I would never do such a dangerous and trivial thing while driving.  Actually, I was taking a picture of my odometer when it hit 99,000.  Yes, that’s why I needed the map light.  Had to throw some light on the subject.  Well, thank you, the car has held up very well — a 2004 Suzuki Grand Vitara XL-7.  Very reliable.  Well, really, I was stopped at a traffic light.  Didn’t hit anybody. Not like those crazy texters.  All I had to do was hold the iPhone very steady on the steering column.  No, I won’t do it again.  Thank you kindly. (Fortunately an imaginary conversation.  But I had to capture the moment. Just in case I miss 99,999.)

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