Surprises in the Washington Post Reply

Everything is seemingly spinning out of control at The Washington Post.  I am dizzy from reading Wednesday’s paper (4/17/2013).  Can’t believe it. In foreign news, and on the front page no less, is an article stating that national regulation of the economy in France is out of control.  Why, the article even cites criticism of the Precautionary Principle, the rule which basically states that you can’t do anything for the first time.  It is used to stifle innovation in Europe and is a cardinal principle of the reactionary left.  To see it cavalierly dismissed in the Washington Post is quite a shock.

Even more astounding is a column by Courtland Milloy, who is sort of a race columnist — he nearly always writes about racial issues.  Guess what — he is against what the Obama Administration is trying to do with gun control.  Go after the criminals with guns and leave the rest of us alone, he says.  Not what you expect to hear from an urban liberal, but there it it.  I don’t even care that much about guns (never had one), but I am amazed. (There is also a rather distinct note of disdain for Barack Obama. Milloy definitely thinks for himself.)

Here are the links if you are interested:

“France drowning in rules and regulations, critics say,” by Edward Cody,

“False hope and folly in gun control,” by Courtland Milloy,

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